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Negro League Baseball Museum virtual art show.

Coinciding with the conclusion of the Negro League Baseball Museum's virtual art show, we connect with a three of the 100 international artists, makers, and baseball retailers involved. Rene Florville (@rene3art), Ryan W. Lotito (@supremecustomgloves), and Jamie Thomas (@legacysportsart), talk about their styles of art and what this exhibit means to them. Please visit www.nlbm.com for more details. 



Art of Sport 10.2.20 

A special show with three sports artists. Alvin Fall (@alvin_fall), Ken Karl (@kenkarl01), and Chris Brown (@CBrownSportsArt) talk about their inspirations, procedures, and the emerging world of sports art. It's a fun look at how these gentlemen do what they do and the future of this interesting platform. Check them out on the Beckett.com site as well. 



Sports Artist-Chris Brown (Episode #4)

Our fourth installment with Chris Brown. Chris is the resident artist for the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and has also created several significant commissioned works as well. He shares his unique perspective on how he uses color in his works. Plus a shoutout to his apprentice Maddux. 



Art of Sport 7.16.20-Neil Scherer (Episode #2)

Sports Conversation Artist Neil Scherer rejoins us to talk about The Olympics. He has just finished a piece on Michael Phelps, and we talk some about Jesse Owens, the 1980 US Men's Hockey team, and more. He always has an interesting perspective on not only the topic, but how to create a conversation piece about it. 



Interviews 5.8.20-Neil Scherer

In this episode of "Interviews", we learn about Sports Conversation Art, with Neil Scherer. Neil combines sports memorabilia with an artistic flair and a story to get you thinking about the history of sports. He has works that cover the New York Yankees, New York Giants, Brooklyn Dodgers, Boston Red Sox, and more. Ruth and Gehrig, Mantle and Maris, and even Bucky "F#@*in'" Dent.



Interviews 3.7.20-Chris Brown

We check back with Sports Artist Chris Brown. Chris is the resident artist for the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame. This is our third installment with the former minor league pitcher and each time we speak with him we mine something great. Great artist, great guy. (We apologize for some of the technical glitches) 

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