USN/America is our flagship station. Our goal is to provide you with sports talk entertainment that encompasses what interests you about sport in this great land of ours. We will speak with anyone that can help stir our interest and passion in these games that we live for. Hall of Fame performers, Former league MVP's, Heisman Trophy Winners, we have them lined up. World Record holders, Gold Medalists, yep. But we will also speak with those that make things go from behind the scenes. Have you ever wondered what a sports agent actually does? We do. There has to be a story or two that a clubhouse manager can share, hopefully the uncensored version. How does a group take the idea for an expansion franchise all the way to opening night? Let's see if we can find out.

We love sports, you love sports. Check us out!!!


4/12/19-We take a few moments to check in on the works of Sports Artist Chris Brown. Chris is the artist for the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame. He is currently working on a piece about Northwestern State and Kansas City Chiefs Legend Joe Delaney. Mr. Brown graciously gives us a preview peak of his work.

1/3/19-We continue to tackle the concussion discussion head-on. Sorry, I couldn't resist. We talk with Dan Krevsky of HITT-SHIELD about the materials involved in their Defender Concussion Suppressing Sports Cap.

12/20/18-After our engineer (GFG) jeopardized his career by losing the first portion of this show, we talk some boxing with Mr. Farmer and Mr. Raspanti. Joined in progress.


12/5/18-We revisit the Defender Concussion Suppressing Sports Cap with Dan Krevsky of HITT-SHIELD, as we discuss the various applications of this product.

12/5/18-Ryan Dickey of Firehouse Stables chats with us about owning, training, handicapping, and analyzing horses and horse racing.

12/5/18-We discuss the state of Los Angeles athletics with Mark Heffernan of 1USN/Los Angeles.


11/26/18-The Show featuring Charles Farmer of the Reality of Sports (3 of 3)

11/26/18-The Show featuring Charles Farmer of the Reality of Sports (2 of 3)

11/26/18-The Show featuring Charles Farmer of the Reality of Sports (1 of 3)

11/24/18-The key to The Game. If you have to ask, the Hallmark Channel's Xmas blitz is currently airing.


11/21/18-We add some video to the HITT-SHIELD conversation.


11/19/18-We're baaack. Previewing the MNF Rams vs. Chiefs. And some other stuff.

11/19/18-We talk to Dan Krevsky of HITT-SHIELD about their revolutionary concussion suppressing skull cap.

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