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Who among us passionate sports fans didn't eat, sleep, sweat, or bleed sports as a kid. You remember the day you learned how to keep score at a baseball game. The first basket you made on a regulation height hoop. How you practiced your touchdown celebration in the mirror. The first strike you threw without benefit of the bumpers. Did I just chip in from the rough? Our story is your story, with a little twist.

The twist is this, we have managed to connect with like minded individuals that have an all-consuming passion for sports and make it into this unwieldy behemoth we call the Ultimate Sports Network. Quite simply, we talk about sports. All sorts of sports, all the time. The goal is to have a sports talk entertainment "station" for every sports category we can think of. And to have commentators broadcasting 24/7/365. So, we will have a station that focuses solely on College Basketball and Premier League Soccer. A station that digs in to sports in the cities of Chicago and Rochester. A station that follows the Boston Bruins or the Wichita Thunder. If they play the game, and people are passionate about those games, we will be involved.

With that

involvement comes a great responsibility on our part. It means that we must continue to produce quality entertainment, interesting and unique programming, and also be involved with you and your passions.

To that end, we have a few projects that we will be working on, and we have started a foundation which will hopefully be able to help fund some youth sports projectrs and be able to help those in need when necessary.

Basically just a bunch of people that love sports and want to bring some fun and positivity to the world via sports. Probably could have said that at the outset and kept you from reading all of this, but where's the entertainment value in that?

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