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We are a group of individuals that have a shared flaw. An insatiable desire to learn everything we can about our sports passions. On occasion, it is an itch that can not be relieved, but scratch we shall. We will talk to anyone and everyone involved. League commissioners, grounds crew members, referees, front office personnel, tourism directors, apparel maufacturers, gold medalists, world record holders, media members, and whomever else will share their valuable time.

Let our passion, fuel yours.

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Have you ever painted your face/and or other parts to support your team?
Have you ever purchased tickets, from say a less than reputable source to make sure you made it to the game?
Have your math skills improved since High School because of Fantasy Sports?
Do your favorite clothes have another person's name on them?
Have you ever sampled an adult beverage, or nine, because of some vague endorsement of your favorite sport?
Does your sports memorabilia have better insurance coverage than your car?
Do you check the wind speed and direction before the game starts? You know, just so you know.
Do you check your sports calendar before you check your actual calendar when scheduling your life?
Have you ever named your family pet (or child) after your favorite player?
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