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A racquet, a ball, and a court. It is as simple as that, but it is much greater than that as well. "Talking Tennis" delves in to all that makes this simple sport so much fun. There is a reason why we start each game with "Love".
Released: 7.10.20 We revisit Mark Milne from Scotland and his scoring system for tennis. He details how thirty30 tennis is is growing and he now has taken on ambassadors for his concept. Good conversation as we search for better alternatives to how things are done.
Released: 6.16.20 We are joined by Rachel Cohen, teaching pro at Frog Hollow Racquet Club, in Lansdale, PA. Rachel talks to us about transitioning to being a doubles player, Philadelphia sports, and becoming a smarter player.
Released: 5.11.20 We talk to Edgar Giffenig about his tennis career which has seen him go from a Mexico City beginning, to his current stop in Salisbury, CT at the Norfolk Country Club. With a myriad of stops in between. Some great stories and some tips on teaching the game as well.
Released: 5.11.20 Sports Psychology Coach Josh Burger joins us to talk about the mental aspect of the sport of tennis in particular and all sport in general. A fun conversation where we made each other think a little. Which you should expect when speaking about the mental aspect of things.
Released: 5.11.20 Danny Zausner, COO of the USTA National Tennis Center joins us. The National Tennis Center is the home of the U.S. Open, and so much more. Currently the center is operating as a hospital for those in need during the Covid-19 pandemic. Mr. Zausner talks to us about the behind the scenes activities and the growth of the center over the two decades that he has been involved.
Released: 5.8.20 Bucknell University Men's Coach Bruce Myers takes a moment to talk to us about how he sees the world of tennis. The perspective of a college coach and how he goes about evaluating, recruiting, and teaching makes for an interesting conversation.
Released: 5.8.20 Originally from Uganda, Nsimbi Shahiidu now coaches at the Smash Academy in Doha, Qatar.We talk about the techniques and enthusiasm that he instills in youth lessons.
Released: 5.8.20 We take a virtual trip to San Jose, CA to chat with PTR Hall of Famer Ken DeHart. Ken is the Director of Tennis at Silver Creek Valley Country Club. He gives us his views on keeping them playing and keeping them happy.
Released: 5.8.20 Todd Mansfield talks to us about his tennis journey from Northwestern University to the Pacific Northwest. Todd is the Head Pro at Break Point Tennis Academy, as well as the Head Coach at Lincoln High School. We had a great time just discussing our passion.
Released: 5.7.20 We are joined by USPTA Coach Rachelle Lifpitz, author and illustrator of "Just Love Tennis 4 Kids", a manual and a coloring book for ages 3 and older.It provides parents and coaches with fun activities and tools to engage children on and off the tennis court. proceeds from the book go to Soles4Souls, a company that collects gently worn shoes in hopes to help wear out poverty.
Released: 5.7.20 Johan Kriek, two-time Australian Open Champion, talks to us about how he got his start in South Africa. The fact that he became a coach in Austria before he was a professional player, and the way his academy instructs the next generation of players. Great conversation, great guy.
Released: 3.1.2020 3.1.20-Mark Milne, creator of Thirty30 Tennis joins us from Arbroath, Scotland to discuss a new way of scoring and accelerated game play for the sport of tennis.
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