PWW Talks-Episode #7

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On this week’s episode, the crew starts by examining Sasha & Naomi walking out this past Monday during Raw and if there is any meaning to Stephanie McMahon announcing today that she is also taking a break. Then a deep dive into some significant Smackdown segments starting with Sami vs Riddle and WWE discussions are wrapped by discussing Ronda the fighting champion. For the AEW side of things we share the Owen Hart Cup Updates, discuss that 5 on 5 match for Double or Nothing and wrap up by discussing is MJF keeping it Kayfabe or Not.

PWW Talks-Episode #6

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On this week’s episode, the crew is back with many AEW talk to start. The crew goes through all of the significant events from AEW on May 11th. We talk about MJF and CM Punk on Long Island, the first few matches from the Owen Hart Cup, Hook-Hausen, and lastly the House of Black. On the WWE side of the podcast, we go over the WrestleMania Backlash results, WWE piping in crowd noises, and the newest version of The Judgement Day.

PWW Talks-Episode #5

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The gang is back for episode 5 of PWW Talk and this go around they start off with discussing the upcoming AEW video game “Fight Forever.” They go onto talk about AEW letting talent walk away and how we are feeling about the current Owen Hart cup. On the WWE side of the coin we discuss the Jericho vs. HBK debate on the all-time list. We break down how WWE has began embracing and building their heel stars and we end it all with some WrestleMania Backlash talk.

PWW Talks-Episode #4

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On the latest episode of PWW Talks Episode 4, the crew talk about AEW announcing their Super Show with NJPW in June, where Hook and Danhausan is going, and lastly Adam Page vs. CM Punk. On the WWE side we discuss the potential of the unification of the WWE Tag Titles, are the Usos one of the best teams ever, and lastly Cena’s potential return this upcoming summer.

PWW Talks-Episode #3

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On the latest edition of PWW Talks 3, the crew talk about Cody Rhodes and if he is actually more compelling than he was in AEW or is the change of scenery making this enjoyable. Followed up by Edge’s new stable and the future we see for it. Speaking of seeing, will we only see Ezekiel for one program or will he be around for WrestleMania in LA. To begin winding down the show we try to compare the mid card titles in WWE vs. the mid card titles in AEW, but ultimately focus on the pillars of AEW. To be closed out by Roman Reigns, Unification, Two Belts and The Rock talk.

PWW Talks-Roundtable #1

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On today’s episode PWW introduces their second series which is the round table that opens the floor to other contributors of PWW and allows them to come and speak. This week we are joined by David and Ramy and the group reflects on Triple H’s career. The crew reflects on his best memories, entrance, which version of the Game was the their favorite and finally we try to figure out what his future holds. We appreciate Triple H for all that he did and this is our thank you to him.

PWW Talks-Episode 2

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Episode 2 of PWW Talks is here, today G talks about the Wrestlemania build up, what will WWE do for OMOS at Wrestlemania and how will Gable Stevenson make his first appearance for WWE? On the AEW side my concerns with ratings and the need to keep around the million viewer mark for Dynamite. Followed by March 23rd’s Dynamites highlights, what is next for CM Punk and some Danhausen talk.

PWW Talks-Episode#1

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PWW Talks is Ultimate Sports Network’s first Professional Wrestling show and this is just the beginning. On today’s episode George & Dakota introduce themselves and get right into it by talking about Cody Rhodes future in the industry, how Stone Cold & Kevin Owens will play out at Wrestlemania and lastly Jeff Hardy’s AEW debut.