It Took a Miracle; But a Win is a Win

            What can you say about the final 79 seconds of the match with Leicester? Tottenham had looked the better team during most of the contest, but it took a miracle finish to win. Credit has to be given to the will to fight until the end of the game. Nothing miraculous can happen if you aren’t making an effort.  

            Harry Kane looked particularly locked in during the game, and his equalizer showed just how dangerous he can be one-on-one with a defender in the box. He also made a wonderful pass to put Bergwijn through for the winner. For me, Bergwijn showed why he should be a regular part of this club. His first goal showed that he is a natural scorer; always looking to put the ball in the net. His final goal showed his pace in getting past the back line, his ball control in cleanly getting around the goalie, and his touch in putting his shot off the post for the winner. I have been arguing this for awhile and I will repeat it now; we need to see more Bergwijn and Moura on the field together.

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