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The Belle of the Football-Episode #5

Subscribe/Promo Code: F8B783BCWH Another loaded trade package sends Tyreek Hill to the Dolphins. One of the most lethal weapons goes ...
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A Love Letter to Browns Fans

Well friends, here we are again. Another disappointing season. Another season full of heartbreak. We have been here before so ...
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Big Ups for Big Ben

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback (7) Ben Roethlisberger waves goodbye to the crowd at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after his team ...
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The Cheese Stands Alone

Green Bay Packers quarterback (12) Aaron Rodgers is celebrated by his teammates (62) Lucas Patrick and (73) Yosh Nijman after ...
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NFL Christmas Games Betting Preview

Let's take a look at my sports betting preview for Saturday's two games: Cleveland @ Green Bay I think this ...
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Ask your doctor if watching the Cleveland Browns is right for you.

Watching The Cleveland Browns is like a stress test for heart failure. They’ll take you up. They’ll drop you down ...
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Cleveland Rocked

Las Vegas Raiders kicker (2) Daniel Carlson celebrates with his teammates after kicking the game-winning field goal to beat the ...
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Why can’t the Cleveland Browns have nice things?

I want to know what voodoo making, curse creating fool has it in for this team? Did Art Modell make ...
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Covid Chaos – Changes Coming?

Subscriber/Promo Code 9CB75F6MWI Since 2020 Covid-19 has been running rampant throughout the world. Last year saw a huge change in ...
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Winning It for 88

Sunday’s Week 14 action in the NFL saw New Orleans, Seattle, Kansas City, Tennessee, and the LA Chargers winning their ...
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